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PowerTRONIC is the most advanced full featurePiggyback ECU for motorcycles currently available worldwide. Designed to beuniversally adaptable, the PowerTRONIC ECU plugs in within minutes deliveringimproved performance through race-engineered, user adjustable fuel and ignitionmapping.


Quicker Throttle Response

Make the most of your daily commute withinstantly better throttle response. Our maps offer better transient responseeven in the closed-loop/part-throttle regions, significantly reducingpart-throttle sluggishness making low speed riding conditions – be it trafficor twisty mountain passes more enjoyable.

Predictable Refinement

Power delivery is strong, smooth and no longerdramatic. Added power should never come at the cost of refinement andPowerTRONIC shines in this area minimizing engine vibrations to a great extent.Our in-built ignition control algorithms allow levels of precision that havenever been seen before on a piggyback system striking the perfect balancebetween response and refinement.

It really is all about Power

With PowerTRONIC on this bike, we were interestedto explore the limits of the engine and beyond. While we improved throttleresponse, refinement and power delivery in the process; the goal has alwaysbeen performance. With dyno-tested gains of 3-5 BHP on a stock motorcycle,there is simply no other accessory in the world that has proven its performanceon the road, track and dyno. To put it in other words, if you happened to meeta performance engineer at the factory, this is how his bike would feel.

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