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replacement air filters are designed to increasehorsepower and acceleration

while providing excellent filtration. Thesefilters are washable and reusable

and are custom designed to fit into your existingfactory air box. Their drop-in

design means adding performance is simple.Theyoffer bigger air-flow, with

almost 99% filtering efficiency. This filter isideal for the Royal Enfield

Interceptor 650 models.


Make: Royal Enfield

OEM Air Filter Air Flow: 42.40 CFM

DNA Air Filter Air Flow: 60.40 CFM

DNA Increased Air Flow: +42.46%

DNA Filtering Efficiency: 98-99%

Product Information

This filter features DNA ®’s Round Design

Installation of the filter is very easy, simplyfollow the information that can be found in the Royal Enfield workshop manual.

The filtering efficiency is extremely high at98-99% filtering efficiency, with 4 layers of DNA Cotton.

The flow of this DNA filter set is 42.46% morethan the Royal Enfield stock paper filter.

DNA air filter flow: 60.40 CFM (Cubic feet perminute) @1,5?H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius.

Royal Enfield stock paper filter: 42.40 CFM(Cubic feet per minute) @1,5?H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius.

This DNA filter is designed as a High flow Airfilter for: ‘Road & Race use’.

The Anatomy of a DNA High Performance Filter

This is what Power is made of!

A DNA High Performance Filter is a high quality,next generation multilayer cotton gauze,flameproof, oil impregnated air filter.


1. The DNA Cotton

This very special cotton is designed by DNA’sR&D engineers for High Performance filtering purposes. The basic media is anon woven surgical cotton gauze with a modified TEX & THREAD, withextremely high strength of break. This unique cotton media, actually is a“hairy hybrid” featuring extremely high air flow rates and excellent filtering efficiencythat exceeds 98%.

2. The DNA Wire Mesh

The DNA wire mesh, is a very special materialdesigned by DNA’s R&D engineers. Made out of marine grade 5000 seriesAluminum, features a unique “wrap & fill” and precisely calculated wirediameter, to have the necessary high tensile strength and elasticity to last alifetime. Additionaly it is protected against oxidation by a fine layer ofepoxy coating. The DNA wire mesh is designed to perfectly support the cottonlayers and at the same time not restrict the air flow.

3. The DNA Filtering Media

The DNA Filtering Media consists of 4 layers ofDNA cotton, sandwiched between 2 layers of DNA wire mesh, precisely pleated alltogether. We produce a very wide selection of media, starting from 8 mm to 50mm height, with an infinite size of “Pitch”. Actually we can choose from anunlimited combination of DNA Filtering Media when designing a new filter.Another important feature of our filtering media is the “Large pleat edge radius”.This feature allows the edge to be an active part of the filtering media,instead of a “dead” inactive area as our competitors is. The result is aunified high air flow of the filter. The only drawback of this design is thatthe media is very sensitive during production before molding and must behandled with extreme care, increasing the production cost.

4. The DNA Filter Oil

This is an extremely important part of the DNAfilter. As soon as the DNA Oil is added to the cotton media, the cotton is“static charged” and transformed into an unbeatable filtering material! Toachieve this fantastic result we have developed a unique air filter oilformula. The specifications of our DNA Air Filter Oil are as impressive as ourfilters are. Humidity will not attack the oil, even if the filter is submersedin water. The flow of the filter remains unchanged even under extreme rainyconditions with high humidity. (We have seen many competitors’ filterstransformed into a “milky mess” when it rains, severely reducing theperformance of the engine). The oil has low viscosity, plus very hightemperature resistance and stability. It will uniformly spread and stay on thefilter regardless the temperature. Additionaly, it is UV resistant and easilysoluble to assist cleaning the filter.

5. The DNA PU (elastomer polyurethane)

The DNA PU is a thixotropic material, that we useto manufacture the high quality “frame” of the filter, with unique materialspecifications. High tensile strength with the necessary hardness for eachapplication, high temperature, fuel and oil resistance, the DNA PU will keepthe filtering media in place, it will absorb vibration and will last for alife-time.

6. The DNA EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate polymer)closed cell seals

We use only high quality EVA seals. Precisely cutand factory installed (glued) using industrial grade adhesive, guaranty aperfect airtight sealing and trouble free filter installation for the user. TheDNA EVA seals and the industrial adhesive are fuel, oil and temperatureresistant. Additionally the DNA cleaner will not affect them when the filter iscleaned!

7. The DNA FCd design technology

The DNA FCd design or “Welcome to the Future”! Atleast 20% and up to 80% more filtration area, using DNA FCd technology iscommon. The unique revolutionary design, an innovation by DNA, allows thepleated filtering media to follow precisely the air box contour, regardless thecomplexity of the shape, seriously increasing air flow. Taking advantage of thecomplete footprint of the air box, we eliminate “dead spots” that rob power. Ifthe area is there why not use it!

The DNA High Performance Air Filter in action

It is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!”Find out how a DNA High Performance Filter works to protect your engineefficiently, without compromising performance!

Human “technology” inspiration!

The “technology” that our DNA filter uses toclean the air is surprisingly common to all of us. It is part of our body; weuse it constantly to stay alive! It is part of the Human respiratory systemthat filters the air we inhale! Tiny moistened hairs called cilia protect thenasal passageways and other parts of the respiratory tract, filtering out dustand other particles that enter the nose with the breathed air. The DNAfiltering cotton media is exactly that, millions of tiny fibers that are oiled!

The “hairy hybrid” as we call it, is a geniuscombination of cotton fibers per square millimeter. The Tex & Thread, ofthis unique cotton, is a result of intensive research, by DNA’s developmentengineers. The “hairy hybrid” impregnated with DNA’s special filter oil, istransformed into the remarkable DNA media that provides very high filteringefficiency and extremely high flow rates.

Trap “enemies” by static charge!

We designed the DNA Filter to acquire a positivestatic charge as the air passes through the pleated and oiled filter media. Theweak static charge will very efficiently “pull” on the oiled cotton fibers, thedebris and dust that are in the air; remember in science class at school, thepen rubbed against wool that can attract small bits of paper, experiment? Thisis exactly what happens, as the air flows through the filter, debris even assmall as 5 microns will change course and stick onto the fibers, regardless ifthe “holes” between the fibers can be as large as 150 microns! The first layerof debris on the fibers will then absorb some oil, get statically charged andbecome part of the filtering media! And guess what, it will start attractingnew debris assisting the cotton media in its filtration chore!Finally debriswill continue building up on the surface of the filter, as air passes through,until it is totally covered (see photos below).


Extreme testing environment.

Our filters have being successfully tested evenin the harshest environments during the DAKAR Rally! Through Argentina up tothe Andes, and down to the Atacama Desert in Chile. The dreadful “Fesh-Fesh”(Guadal) fine powder desert sand of the Atacama Desert, was succesfully keptout of the race engines, outperforming the foam filters!

So the myth is busted, the DNA filters cansuccessfully be used in any environment, on and off the road, in the desert orthe outback, DNA will be there to protect you.

Here comes increased torque & power.

The DNA filter will also smoothen out the air flowstream, as it passes through the filter, reducing turbulence and sending smoothclean & fresh air towards the engine intake, increasing torque and power.Additionally to the high air flow, smooth and unified air flow is veryimportant. This explains why we see a decrease in the power output when testinga bike or car on the dyno “without” a filter as the circulation of the air inthe air box is disturbed and the result is turbulence and low power output.

FAQs About DNA Air Filters

Does the DNA filter provide the same level ofprotection as the OEM filter?

What is filtering efficiency?

What is ISO 5011 filtering efficiency test?

How does DNA measure the airflow and why is thisdata useful for me, the end user?

Other performance filters manufacturers, claimair flow data much higher than DNA for the same model, is it possible? I alsotried to find the stock OEM filter flow data from them to compare.Can i use theDNA Data?

Can I change my OEM filter with a DNA withoutchanging fueling?

I have heard that only the foam filters are goodfor Off-Road use not the cotton ones. Can I use the DNA filter for Off-Roaduse?

Can I use the DNA filter un-oiled? Must I alwaysapply oil after cleaning it?

I have seen, in many other cotton filters, therubber material the filter is made of, has leaked all over the filtering mediaseverely reducing the filtering area. Can this happen to the DNA filters?

I have a race bike. Do I need to use a filter andif yes why DNA?

What is DNA FCd design?

How often do I have to clean my DNA filter?

Can I use gasoline, thinners or compressed air toclean my DNA filter?

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Additional information

Weight 0.2450 kg
Dimensions 21.0000 × 12.5000 × 12.5000 cm


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